My Camping Trip in Janda Baik, Pahang, Malaysia

Camping trip in Janda Baik

I'm known to be a funny person. For someone who has traveled extensively in many countries, sadly I haven't seen much of the inside of my own backyard. Yes, that's right. My own country. Malaysia.

Is there an ulterior motive for writing this now? Well yes and no. But the main reason for this is because I haven't yet reached a level where I can afford a life of constant travel. So the in-betweens of planned trips are often long, sometimes months on end. Needed to take the edge off, so I planned to do a trip somewhere near where I stayed. And the first place I'm gonna visit and blog about is, drum roll please, Janda Baik!

Known for its stunning scenery and homestays, Janda Baik is a small haven sandwiched between Selangor and Pahang, and is only an hour's drive away from where I stayed. Haven't aired my tent in ages, so Janda Baik, being so abundant in campsites, was just a tick on the box of reasons why I wanted to come here. And it just so happens that my timing was also perfect, the Perseid meteor shower was just around the corner. And with that, stargazing was also in the cards, hence my purpose for coming here became two-fold.

Getting here was easy. Starting up my trusty steed, I turned into Karak highway and made my way to Genting Sempah. After the tunnel, take the turn-in to the R&R and from here, a tiny road leads you all the way to Janda Baik.

Camping trip in Janda Baik
Me and my trusty motorcycle somewhere on the way to Janda Baik

Halfway to Janda Baik, I recommend a stopover at the conifer forest reserve. Found the park entrance unguarded, therefore I'm gonna assume that entrance is free. Heck, it should be free given how poorly maintained the park is. Despite what I've said, a walk around the park is worth at least a few minutes of your time.

Camping trip in Janda Baik
The conifer forest reserve on the way on Janda Baik

Arriving in Janda Baik village, I started surveying different campsites and found that Zaini's Guesthouse seems to suit my needs and requirements perfectly. A river runs along the side of the camping grounds, which has a few chalets here and there, and in the middle of it, an ample lawn. A French lady, who's the owner's wife and goes by the name of Fred, greeted and showed me around. There are bathrooms, a communal kitchen and barbecue pits for those who need it. Since I brought my own tent with me, camping here only costed me RM10 for the night. 

Camping trip in Janda Baik
The spacious lawn cum camping grounds in Zaini's Guesthouse

Choosing a suitable spot and pitching my tent took a bit of time, and by the time I was done, it was already almost sunset. I set out to Cherengin Hill, only a stone throw's away from the camping grounds. There's a private resort at the top of this hill, but fortunately they do not bar visitors from entering their premises. I recommend coming here for sunrises, given the vista's orientation. However, the views from up here are every bit as amazing during sunsets. 

Camping trip in Janda Baik
Views of Janda Baik from Cherengin Hill

Finding food in Janda Baik wasn't as hard as I thought. There are a number of cafes and restaurants strewn around Janda Baik, to cater to the tourist boom the village consistently gets every other weekend or so. Given the locale, imagine my amazement when I found Nero Bianco Deli, a brightly lit, alfresco diner located by the roadside. The cuisine served here is mostly western, and is surprisingly cheap (most of the mains cost under RM10) considering how well setup the place is.

Camping trip in Janda Baik
Nero Bianco Deli in Janda Baik

Evening turned into night and then came the moment I've been waiting for. I slinked into my tent and left the fly open. With a stroke of luck, the skies were clear, almost cloudless that night. Staring into the vastness of space, I beheld this beautiful sight. Now, that's one way to end a camping trip on a high note!

Camping trip in Janda Baik
The beautiful night sky seen from Janda Baik


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