Coron, Palawan Itinerary (4 days)

This itinerary will cover Coron, Palawan over 4 days, and is the second part of my Philippines backpacking trip. To see my previous itinerary, please check out my 6 day itinerary for El Nido, Palawan or fast forward to my next itinerary, 4 day itinerary for Banaue & Sagada or 3 day itinerary for Manila

Trip Summary

  • Trip length and when did I go? 4 days in November 2016
  • Places visited: Coron
  • How much did it cost me? MYR 380

At A Glance

  • Day 1 - Coron. Arrival from El Nido by ferry, and check-in to Luis Bay Travellers Lodge in Coron. Overnight in Coron.
  • Day 2 - Coron. Motorcycling tour around Coron and Busuanga in the morning. Spent the afternoon at Maquinit hot spring. Overnight in Coron.
  • Day 3 - Coron. Ultimate Coron island hopping tour. Overnight in Coron.
  • Day 4 Coron to Manila. Hike to Mount Tapyas for sunrise. Check-out and transfer to airport for onward flight to Manila

Itinerary Map (click to view POIs and routes)

Travel Montage

Arrival in Coron
  • 3.20 pm - Arrive in Coron via ferry (Bunso boat) from El Nido (hopped off at the Coron port)
  • There are trikes outside the port that will take you to town for as little as 20 pesos, however the ones I talked to wanted to charge me 200 pesos, so I gave up asking and went on foot to town, since it's only 2km away
  • Walked from the port to my accommodation in Coron town (under 30 minutes)
  • 4.00 pm - Checked in to Luis Bay Travellers Lodge - 370 peso per night (for a fan room). Stayed for 3 nights (total cost - 1,110 peso). The room can get quite stuffy and noisy during the day.  I had to keep the windows shut as they opened out to a busy and dusty street. Other than that, the place was in a good location and the staff was friendly and helpful too 
  • 6.00 pm - Scouted around the town area and signed up for an island hopping tour the next day with Coron Galeri - Coron Island Ultimate Tour (Tour B-1) - 650 peso
  • Dinner at Big Mama's - Pork sinigang (175 peso) & San Miguel beer (50 peso)
  • 9.00 pm - Walked around town before returning to the guesthouse

On the ferry to Coron
Arrival in Coron Port
A busy and dusty street runs through the middle of Luis Bay Travellers Lodge in Coron town
The fan room I got was kinda stuffy during the day. Maybe I should have gotten the room with AC
Admiring the colors of sunset while walking around Coron town
Went to Coron Galeri to sign up for an island hopping tour
A quick glance at a pamphlet listing all of Coron Galeri's island hopping tours
Night time in Coron town

  • 7.00 am - Wake up
  • Breakfast at Julie's Bakeshop - Coffee and some pastries (35 peso)
  • 8.00 am - Walked to Coron Galeri nearby to wait for my guide. Unfortunately, Coron Galeri informed me that the island hopping tour has been postponed to the next day due to an oncoming tropical storm. Decided to do some motorcycling around Coron to pass the time

Morning in Coron, and having breakfast at Julie's Bakeshop

Motorcycling around Coron & Busuanga
  • 10.00 am - Rented a motorcycle from Angel Motorcycle Rental - 300 peso (for 5 hours usage). The shop has half day motorcycle rentals for 500 peso, whereas full day rentals will go for 600 peso
  • Refuel at a nearby gas station - 50 peso. Be sure to refuel in town and bring some spare fuel (if you're planning to do a really long circuit) before starting your journey, as gas stations are very far and few in between
  • 10.15 am - 1.15 pm - Motorcycling tour of Coron & Busuanga, going along the Coron-Busuanga road heading north. The paved road from Coron to Busuanga is in good condition, with occasional stretches of dirt road from time to time. Along the way, I visited the small towns and villages of Santa Monica, Concepcion and Sagrada
  • Alternatively, another motorcycling route to consider is going along the Coron-Busuanga road until the turn-in to the airport. Follow the airport road until you reach the airport. The countryside views here are simply breathtaking and are some of the best I've seen in Coron. Going back, you may go back using the same way you came. Or if you're feeling adventurous, continue on northwards (mix of paved and dirt roads) or eastwards (lots and lots of dirt road) after the airport to explore more of the island 
  • 1.20 pm - Initially planned to ride all the way to Busuanga as I was aiming to visit Ocam Ocam beach (about 70km one way from Coron town), but had to turn back when I spotted rain clouds looming in the horizon

Rented a motorcycle for a few hours from Angel Motorcycle Rental shop
On two wheels along the Coron-Busuanga road
Motorcycling around Coron would be so much better if it didn't rain so much, unlucky me I guess 
You don't have to go all the way to Bohol to see chocolate hills, Coron has them as well!
View of the sea somewhere near Concepcion

Back in Coron
  • 1.50 pm - Back in Coron town. Continued eastward past the port to Maquinit hot spring. One thing that's special about this place is that it's one of the few saltwater hot springs in the world
  • 2.00 pm - 3.00 pm - Leisure time at Maquinit hot spring. There's an entrance fee to enter the hot spring - 200 peso
  • 3.30 pm - Back in Coron town. Returned the motorcycle back to the shop
  • There wasn't a lot to do in Coron town, so I returned to the guesthouse to rest until evening
  • 7.00 pm - Dinner at Kaison restaurant - Braised pork belly (90 peso) and San Miguel beer (50 peso)
  • 9.00 pm - Walked around town before returning to the guesthouse

Afternoon leisure time at Maquinit hot spring. Due to the tropical storm that was going to hit later that day, almost everyone in town was here!
Strolling along the mangroves near Maquinit
View of Maquinit pools from the mangrove boardwalk

Coron Island Hopping Tour
  • 7.00 am - Wake up
  • Breakfast at Julie's Bakeshop - Coffee and some pastries (29 peso)
  • 8.30 am - Walked to Coron Galeri nearby to wait for my guide. Be sure to bring some cash to pay for the Kayangan Lake entrance fee. Alternatively, you can also pay in advance to Coron Galeri if you don't want to carry cash around
  • 9.30 am - 12.00 pm - Started Coron Island Ultimate Tour. Visited the following points of interest around Coron Island:
  • CYC Beach. Our first stop, it was tiny and rather unremarkable (wished they brought us to Banol beach instead but whatever). Still a decent enough stop to test out our snorkeling gear before our next stop
  • Coral Garden. Easily some of the best snorkeling we had that day was at this spot. Plenty of soft and staghorn corals of many shapes and colors can be seen here 
  • Hidden Lagoon. A large, shallow lagoon with crystal clear waters perfect for swimming. While I liked it, I was less impressed by it since I felt the ones in El Nido were a lot more beautiful
  • 1.00 pm - Picnic lunch at Calacuchi beach - Grilled seafood (included in the package)

Our guide walking us to our boat to start the island hopping tour
More waiting for our boat at the pier near Lualhati park, near Coron town
Did a bit of snorkeling off CYC beach, our first stop of the day
Solitary mangrove tree at CYC beach
Our next stop after CYC beach was Coral Garden...
Where we had some of the best snorkeling that day
Plenty of soft and staghorn corals to whet any marine lover's appetite
After Coral Garden, our boat took us for a morning dip at the Hidden Lagoon
Docking for lunch at Calacuchi beach
Strolling along the beautiful Calacuchi beach while waiting for lunch to be ready
Found this starfish while waddling around in the water
Lunch with the group at Calacuchi beach

Coron Island Hopping Tour (continued)
  • 2.00 pm - Continued our island hopping tour after lunch
  • Our next stop was supposed to be Siete Pecados (another snorkeling spot just off Maquinit hot spring), however our guide reasoned with us that the waters there would be too murky for snorkeling due to the bad weather. So, we ended up doing some snorkeling off Calacuchi beach instead
  • 3.00 pm - Arrived at our last stop, Kayangan Lake (dropped off at the Blue Lagoon, only a stair climb away from Kayangan Lake). Paid the entrance fee - 300 peso
  • Climbed up some steps to the Blue Lagoon viewpoint (under 10 minutes). The view from up here is one of the most iconic and photographed spots in Palawan. It can get really crowded here at times though, so spare some time up here if you wish to take your pictures
  • 3.20 pm - Walked down some steps from the viewpoint to Kayangan Lake (under 10 minutes)
  • 3.30 pm - 4.30 pm - Leisure time at Kayangan Lake
  • 4.40 pm - Returned to the Blue Lagoon using the same way we came. Concluded our island hopping tour and sailed back to Coron town

Instead of going to Siete Pecados, we went snorkeling in the waters off Calacuchi beach instead
Coron island has some fantastic scenery just about everywhere you look
More beautiful scenery on the way to Kayangan Lake
Arriving in the Blue Lagoon, our starting point to Kayangan Lake
The stairs to the Blue Lagoon viewpoint, and onwards to Kayangan Lake 
The view as seen from the Blue Lagoon viewpoint, one of the most iconic and photographed spots in Palawan
Going for an afternoon dip in Kayangan Lake
Sand castle-like rock formations deep underwater
This gorgeous sunset was the perfect finale to our day

Back in Coron
  • 5.30 pm - Back in Coron (dropped off at the landing point near Lualhati park). Stayed around until sunset before returning to the guesthouse
  • 7.00 pm - Dinner at Big Mama's - Bicol express (120 peso) & potato fries (90 peso)
  • 9.00 pm - Walked around the town before returning to the guesthouse

Mount Tapyas
  • 5.00 am - Wake up
  • Walked from the guesthouse to the base of Mount Tapyas (under 30 minutes). To get here, simply follow a small road going up (next to Big Mama's) until you reach some steps near a basketball court
  • 5.30 am - Climbed up the 700+ steps to the top of Mount Tapyas (under 30 minutes). A rather sweaty but fortunately short climb
  • 6.00 am - 8.00 am - Sunrise viewing from the Mount Tapyas viewdeck

The 700+ steps to Mount Tapyas, Coron
The cross at the top of Mount Tapyas
Beautiful sunrise as seen from the Mount Tapyas viewdeck
That rainbow that just appeared out of nowhere made the picture look a thousand times better
Just a short distance away from the view deck. A small path cutting through a vast grassland with sweeping views of Coron
More breathtaking views of Coron from up here

Back in Coron
  • 8.10 am -  Head down to town from Mount Tapyas
  • Had some refreshments at Coffee Kong along the way - Iced latte (120 peso) and an early lunch at Lolo Nonoy's - Pork sisig (120 peso)
  • 11.00 am - Returned to the guesthouse to pack up
  • 12.00 pm - Check-out from the guesthouse. Walked around Lualhati park while waiting for my transfer to the airport

Back in Coron town. In case you're wondering where the way to Mount Tapyas is, it's the small road on the left
Passed by San Agustin Church, on my way to Lolo Nonoy's
Early lunch at Lolo Nonoy's
Walking along the rustic neighborhood on my way back to the guesthouse
Strolling around Lualhati park after checking out to kill some time before my transfer to the airport
One last look at Coron before I leave

Coron to Manila
  • 1.30 pm - Pickup by shuttle van (arranged by the guesthouse) from the guesthouse in Coron town to Francisco B. Reyes airport - 150 peso
  • 2.05 pm - Arrive in Francisco B. Reyes airport for my onward flight to Manila
  • Immigration clearance
  • Paid the terminal fee prior to entering the departure hall - 100 peso
  • My flight from Coron to Manila (Cebu Pacific, 599 peso for one way) was supposed to depart at 4.20 pm. Unfortunately due to some unforeseen circumstances, the flight was delayed until 7.30 am the next morning :(

My transfer to the airport has arrived
Arrival at Francisco B. Reyes airport
Waiting for my flight to Manila
Waiting to board my flight to Manila

How much?
What for?
PHP 1,110
PHP 1,110
Accommodation in Coron (3 nights)

PHP 1,600
Ground Cost
PHP 150
Shuttle van from Coron to airport
PHP 300
Motorcycle rental (5 hours)
PHP 650
Ultimate Coron island hopping tour
PHP 300
Entrance fee - Kayangan Lake
PHP 200
Entrance fee - Maquinit Hot Spring

PHP 599
PHP 599
Flight from Coron to Manila (one way)

PHP 1,029
PHP 879
Food & drinks
PHP 50
Miscellaneous (gas)
PHP 100
Airport terminal fee

PHP 4,338

How much did it cost me?

  • In local currency: PHP 4,338
  • Conversion rate (at the time): MYR 1 = PHP 11.50
  • After conversion: MYR 377 (for 4 days)

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