Krabi, Koh Phi Phi & Phuket Itinerary (7 days)

Travel Itinerary: Krabi, Koh Phi Phi & Phuket in 7 days

Trip Summary

  • Trip length and when did I go? 7 days in April 2014
  • How much did it cost me? MYR 700

At A Glance

  • Day 1 - Kuala Lumpur  Hat Yai
 Shared car from Kuala Lumpur to Hat Yai ‣  Day trip to Songkhla & Samila beach ‣  Dinner at the night market at Prachatipat road ‣  Overnight in Tune Hotel Hat Yai
  • Day 2 - Hat Yai ‣ Krabi
 Check out from Tune Hotel Hat Yai ‣  Bus from Hat Yai to Krabi ‣  Songthaew from Krabi to Ao Nang beach ‣  Ao Nang beach ‣  Nopparat Thara beach ‣  Overnight in Aonang 88 Hostel
  • Day 3 Krabi ‣ Phi Phi ‣ Krabi
 Day trip to Koh Phi Phi by tour ‣  Maya Bay ‣  Koh Phi Phi ‣  Bamboo Island ‣  Ao Nang walking street ‣  Overnight in Aonang 88 Hostel
  • Day 4 Krabi ‣ Phuket
 Check out from Aonang 88 hostel ‣  Shared minivan from Krabi to Phuket ‣  Simon Cabaret show ‣  Evening at Bangla road ‣  Overnight in Tune Hotel Patong
 Day trip around Phuket island by motorcycle ‣  Karon beach ‣  Big Buddha Hill ‣  Phromthep Cape ‣  Nai Harn beach ‣  Yanui beach ‣  Leisure time in Kata Noi beach ‣  Siam Niramit ‣  Overnight in Tune Hotel Patong
  • Day 6 - Phuket ‣ Hat Yai
 Check out from Tune Hotel Patong ‣  Bus from Phuket to Hat Yai ‣  Overnight in Tune Hotel Hat Yai
  • Day 7 - Hat Yai ‣ Kuala Lumpur
 Check out from Tune Hotel Hat Yai ‣  Bus from Hat Yai back to Kuala Lumpur

Itinerary Map (click to view POIs and routes)

Getting to Hat Yai
  • 7.00 am - Drive from Taiping to Bukit Kayu Hitam (a partner of mine offered to take me there for free)
  • 9.30 am - Arrival at Bukit Kayu Hitam immigration checkpoint
  • 10.30 am - Immigration clearance
  • Tipped immigration officer by slipping a RM 1 note into my passport before handing it over (tipping seems to be very common practice here, it's almost a 'crime' for not doing so)
  • 11.30 am - Drive from Sadao to Hat Yai
  • 12.30 pm - Arrival at Hat Yai and check-in to Tune Hotel Hat Yai - 300 baht per night (staying for 1 night)

Morning in Hat Yai

Day trip to Songkhla
  • 1.30 pm - Drive to Hat Yai bus station (behind Central Festival mall)
  • Bought one way ticket for the 8.50 am bus departing the next day for Krabi - 186 baht (second class bus)
  • 2.00 pm - Drive from Hat Yai bus station to Songkhla
  • 3.00 pm - Arrival in Songkhla
  • Visited Songkhla lake (largest natural lake in Thailand) and Samila beach (site of the golden mermaid statue)
  • 5.00 pm - Drive back to Hat Yai

A water fountain shaped like a dragon's head at Songkhla Lake
The golden mermaid statue at Samila beach, Songkhla

Back in Hat Yai

  • 6.00 pm - Back in Hat Yai. Return to hotel for quick shower and relaxation
  • 7.00 pm - Walk to Prachatipat road (in front of Lee Garden Plaza hotel)
  • Dinner - Mango sticky rice (30 baht)
  • 8.00 pm - Walk around in the night market in Prachatipat road

Night market in Prachatipat Road

Getting to Krabi by bus
  • 7.00 am - Wake up and breakfast in a shop nearby the hotel
  • Breakfast - Pork rice noodles (40 baht) & coffee (15 baht)
  • 8.00 am - Pack up and check out from hotel
  • Drive to Hat Yai bus station and bid farewell to partner. Ride 8.50 am bus to Krabi
  • 2.30 pm - Arrival in Krabi bus terminal

Krabi Bus Terminal. Look out for the white songthaew that departs regularly for Ao Nang

Krabi Bus Terminal to Ao Nang beach
  • 3.00 pm - Ride songthaew (white colored) to Ao Nang beach - 60 baht
  • Short stopover (about 15 minutes) and quick photo op at Krabi town
  • 4.00 pm - Arrival in Ao Nang beach
  • Check-in to Aonang 88 hostel - 180 baht per night. Staying for 2 nights (total - 360 baht)

Quick stop at Krabi town. It's possible to take the same songthaew back to Krabi if you want to check out the night market
Aonang 88 hostel. The hostel I stayed in Ao Nang for 2 nights. For the price, I guess it's alright. The beds were pretty comfy and the toilets were clean too

Around Ao Nang
  • 5.00 pm - Rent a scooter from the hostel to get around Ao Nang easier - 250 baht/day (rented for 1 day)
  • Refuel at the nearest gas station (located near the mosque) - 50 baht. There is also a self-service one near the hostel where I stayed. 
  • 5.45 pm - Ride scooter to Nopparat Thara beach. Walked to the islands off the beach as it was currently low tide
  • 7.00 pm - Went to Ao Nang beach. Walked along the beach and viewed the beautiful sunset
  • 8.30 pm - Had dinner at Yaminlah pancake rotee stall by the roadside (in front of the tourist police station)
  • Dinner - Pancake rotee & coke (30 baht)
  • 9.30 pm - Went back to hostel. Booked a day tour to Koh Phi Phi (by speedboat) - 1,100 baht

Calm and gentle sea waves at Ao Nang beach
Watching the sunset at Nopparat Thara beach

Ao Nang to Koh Phi Phi
  • 7.00 am - Wake up and breakfast at a roadside stall near the hostel
  • Breakfast - Fried chicken & sticky rice (35 baht)
  • 8.00 am - Pickup at hostel by tour company to Nopparat Thara beach, where I hopped onto a speedboat bound for Koh Phi Phi

Maya Bay, Viking Cave, Pileh Cove & Loh Samah Bay
  • 9.45 am - Arrival at Koh Phi Phi. Visited Maya Bay, Viking Cave and Pileh Cove
  • Maya Bay is absolutely stunning, and is a must-go for anyone who visits Koh Phi Phi. If you want to avoid the crowds, best time to come is early morning or late afternoon
  • Pileh Cove is an equally breathtaking place to visit when in Koh Phi Phi
  • 11.30 am - Snorkeling in Loh Samah Bay. Plenty of untouched corals and marine life to satisfy even the most diehard of snorkelers

The beach! Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi Le
Viking Cave, Koh Phi Phi Le. This was just around the corner from where Maya Bay was
Pileh Cove, Koh Phi Phi. A beautiful lagoon on the other side of Koh Phi Phi Le

Koh Phi Phi Don & Bamboo Island
  • 12.30 pm - Arrival in Koh Phi Phi Don for buffet lunch and sightseeing (included in tour package)
  • 1.00 pm - Walk around Koh Phi Phi Don town
  • 2.00 pm - Depart Koh Phi Phi Don for Bamboo Island
  • 3.00 pm - Arrival at Bamboo Island (another popular spot for daytripppers) for another round of snorkeling and relaxation

A row of longtail boats line the beach in Koh Phi Phi Don
Exploring Koh Phi Phi Don
Walking Street in Koh Phi Phi Don
Bamboo Island, located just off the coast of Koh Phi Phi on the way back to Krabi

Back to Ao Nang
  • 5.00 pm - Arrival back in Ao Nang. Return to hostel for a quick shower. Took a nap as I was feeling tired after a rather long day
  • Went to a tour agency nearby and booked my seat in a minivan going to Phuket (more specifically Patong beach) - 350 baht
  • 7.00 pm - Walked around Ao Nang walking street for a bit of dinner and some shopping. The night scene here isn't as interesting nor as energetic (especially when compared to the likes of Bangla road) but I really liked the calm and relaxing atmosphere which is nice for a change
  • Dinner - Fried chicken (20 baht)

Ao Nang at night
My source of entertainment at night. Watching buskers in Ao Nang Walking Street

Around Ao Nang one last time
  • 7.00 am - Wake up and breakfast at a roadside stall near Ao Nang beach
  • Breakfast - Thai chicken biryani rice/khao mok gai (40 baht)
  • Walk around Ao Nang beach for one last time

Bought this delicious breakfast from a roadside stall on the way to the beach
Going on one last walk around Ao Nang beach before heading off to Phuket

Ao Nang to Phuket by minivan
  • 9.00 am - Pack up and check-out from hostel
  • 10.00 am - Pick up by minivan at hostel. Brief stopover at a rest area near Krabi town to change vans
  • 12.00 pm - Depart for Patong beach. Passing through Phang Nga district, the scenery along the way is dotted with beautiful limestone karsts
  • 3.30 pm - Arrival in Patong beach (dropped off at Bangla Road)
  • Check-in to Tune Hotel Patong - 300 baht per night. Staying for 2 nights (total - 600 baht)

View of Rat-U-Thit road, Patong from my hotel room

Around Patong
  • 4.30 pm - Walked around Rat-U-Thit road to find and rent a scooter
  • Rented a scooter from Happiness Tours & Travel - 400 baht for 2 days (contact person is Vi, +66 081 7444 956. Her booth is located in front of a 7-Eleven along Rat-U-Thit road)
  • Also bought a ticket for the Simon Cabaret 9.30pm show - 650 baht

Patong to Karon Viewpoint
  • 5.00 pm - Ride scooter to Karon viewpoint. Initially, I wanted to go to Phromthep Cape for sunset viewing, but decided on Karon viewpoint instead as it was nearer. Took me quite a while to get there though as I wasn't familiar with the roads there yet
  • 6.00 pm - Photo ops at Karon viewpoint. Stayed there until the sun set

Couldn't make it to Phromthep Cape for sunset. Guess Karon viewpoint will do

Dinner & Simon Cabaret Show
  • 7.30 pm - Ride back to Patong
  • 8.15 pm - Dinner at Malin Plaza, a food street located near Simon Cabaret
  • Dinner - Thai fried rice with bitter gourd (50 baht)
  • 9.00 pm - Went to Simon Cabaret to watch the 9.30 pm show. Really enjoyed it as the show is pretty unique and highly entertaining. At the end of the show, you can have your pictures taken with the kathoeys, however keep in mind that you have to tip them (100 baht per kathoey)

Malin Plaza. If you love street food, then this is the place for you
People waiting their turn to take photographs with their favorite kathoeys at Simon Cabaret Show 

Bangla Road
  • 11.00 pm - Went to Bangla road for some refreshments
  • Drinks at a bar - Beer (70 baht)
  • Plenty of things to see and do here, Bangla Road ranks as one of the liveliest places I've seen in my travels. A bit too raunchy for my tastes though
  • Walked around the area before calling it a night

Bangla Road, Patong
Saw street magician. Street magician performed magic trick.  I'm now 50 baht poorer. True story


Patong to Karon
  • 7.00 am - Wake up and ride scooter to Karon. Refuel at a nearby gas station - 100 baht
  • Breakfast at a roadside stall in Karon - Pork satay (10 baht)
  • 8.00 am - Walk around Karon beach

Enjoying a morning stroll at Karon beach
Karon lake

Big Buddha Phuket
  • 9.00 am - Ride pass Kata and up Nakkerd hill to get to Big Buddha Phuket
  • It's quite a climb to the top, but the scenery along the way is amazing, especially on a clear day
  • 10.00 am - Reached the top of Nakkerd hill and Big Buddha
  • No entrance fee will be charged, but you are encouraged to donate generously as it is still undergoing construction

On the way to Big Buddha Phuket
Stopped a while to take in the scenery. In the distance is Karon beach, where we came from earlier
Big Buddha on the hill. It's still undergoing construction, the temple accepts donations if you feel like donating towards a good cause

Phromthep Cape
  • 11.00 am - Ride down Nakkerd hill and onward to Phromthep cape
  • Short stops at Chalong pier and Rawai beach. Not much scenery here, recommend you give these places a miss if you're short on time
  • 12.00 pm - Arrival and walking around in Phromthep Cape
  • Admission is free of charge. Some say that the best time to come here is just before sunset, but in my opinion, it is just as beautiful during midday
  • Trekked to the cape's edge (the trail is about 500m from start to finish. Watch your step though, some parts of the trail are pretty steep and you might fall down if you're not careful)

Phromthep Cape, Phuket. You can walk all the way down to the tip of the cape if you want to
This can be found near the tip of Phromthep Cape. You can try stacking your very own cairn at this spot, the usual story is that if you stack it high enough perhaps it will bring you good fortune

Windmill Viewpoint, Yanui & Nai Harn beach
  • 1.00 pm - Ride to Windmill Viewpoint, another viewpoint quite close to Phromthep Cape
  • 1.15 pm - Photo ops at Windmill Viewpoint. From up here, you can see both Yanui and Nai Harn beach
  • 1.30 pm - Ride down to Yanui beach. Spent some time walking around the beach. Also walked to the islet connected to Yanui by a sandbar
  • 2.00 pm - Short photo ops at Nai Harn beach

Yanui beach, as seen from Windmill viewpoint
Nai Harn beach can also been seen from Windmill viewpoint
Nai Harn beach

Kata Noi beach
  • 2.30 pm - Ride to Kata Noi beach, with stopover at Karon viewpoint for quick photo ops
  • 3.15 pm - Arrive at Kata Noi beach. Parked my scooter by the roadside and descended some steps to get to the beach
  • Rented a beach chair - 100 baht and some refreshments - ice lemon tea (30 baht)
  • Spent entire afternoon swimming and relaxing in Kata Noi beach. Got severely sunburnt in the process :D

Kata Noi, my favorite beach in Phuket
The waves here are almost perfect for surfing

Back to Patong & dinner at Jungceylon
  • 5.00 pm - Pack up and ride back to Patong. Returned to hotel for a quick shower
  • Went back to the same tour agent as before and purchased the 8.30 pm show ticket for Siam Niramit - 1,100 baht
  • Initially, I wanted to purchase show tickets for Phuket Fantasea but have been told that they are closed on Thursdays
  • 6.00 pm - Went to Jungceylon mall to bide for time before the show and had dinner there
  • Dinner - Minced pork stir fry with rice (60 baht)

A life-sized junk on display at Jungceylon
Inside Jungceylon mall

Siam Niramit
  • 7.20 pm - Ride to Phuket town centre, then onwards to Siam Niramit from there. It wasn't exactly an easy place to find, but managed to find it after a few trial and errors
  • 8.00 pm - Arrival at Siam Niramit. Visited the Thai village on set before the show at 8.30 pm. The show itself I found to be very interesting, as it showcases Thai history and culture with colorful displays and impressive pyrotechnics
  • 10.00 pm - Ride back to Patong. Stopover at Bangla road for before retiring to the hotel

On my way to Siam Niramit in Phuket town, which is quite a distance away from Patong
The Thai village in Siam Niramit
Musical fountain in Siam Niramit


Around Patong one last time
  • 7.00 am - Wake up. Went to Patong beach for sunrise
  • Didn't see that much of a sunrise, but it was a beautiful morning on a rather deserted beach (it's normally bustling with people during midday)
  • 9.00 am - Walked around Bangla road to look around for souvenirs. Not that cheap and you have to haggle to get the best prices. Another, probably better place to get your souvenirs would be Jungceylon
  • 10.30 am - Went to Jungceylon for late breakfast and shopping for souvenirs
  • Breakfast - Sandwich & coffee (80 baht)
  • 11.30 pm - Pack up and check-out from hotel

Walking around Patong for one last time before heading off to catch a bus to Hat Yai

Patong to Phuket Bus Station
  • 12.00 pm - Ride public bus (blue colored) to Phuket town - 20 baht
  • 12.20 pm - Arrival in town centre. To get to Hat Yai, I needed to go to Phuket Bus Station Two (opposite SuperCheap) which is another 10 km away
  • As you arrive, there will be plenty of touts asking if you want a ride to the bus station. Some of them charge quite a lot for a short distance, so a cheaper alternative would be to take the pink songthaew to the bus station
  • A downside to this is that it can get quite confusing as the signages on the songthaews aren't very clear, and some of them are written in thai language, so it's better to ask around if you're not sure
  • 12.30 pm - Ride pink songthaew (Route 2) to Phuket Bus Station Two - 10 baht

Phuket to Hat Yai
  • 12.50 pm - Arrival at Phuket Bus Station Two
  • Bought one way ticket for the 1.30 pm bus to Hat Yai - 270 baht (second class bus)
  • Went to a nearby convenience store to buy some snacks
  • 1.30 pm - Ride bus to Hat Yai. The journey wasn't exactly comfortable as it made plenty of stops along the way

Arrival in Hat Yai
  • 8.45 pm - Arrival in Hat Yai bus station
  • Ride motorbike taxi to Tune Hotel Hat Yai - 30 baht (haggled down from 50 baht)
  • Check-in to Tune Hotel Hat Yai - 300 baht/night (staying for 1 night)
  • 10.00 pm - Walk to Prachatipat road for dinner
  • Dinner - Seafood fried rice (80 baht) & beer (50 baht)

Hat Yai to Kuala Lumpur
  • 8.00 am - Wake up and breakfast at a nearby shop
  • Breakfast - Chicken rice & coffee (80 baht)
  • Went to Konsortium bus office near Prachatipat road to buy a bus ticket to Kuala Lumpur
  • Bought one way ticket for 1.00 pm bus to Kuala Lumpur - RM 50 (or 450 baht)
  • 10.00 am - Walked around in Lee Garden Plaza
  • 12.00 pm - Pack up and check-out from hotel
  • 1.00 pm - Ride bus back to Kuala Lumpur

Trip Cost & Expenses

How much?
What for?
THB 1,560
THB 600
Accommodation in Hat Yai (2 nights)
THB 360
Accommodation in Ao Nang (2 nights)
THB 600
Accommodation in Phuket (2 nights)

THB 4,306
Ground Cost
THB 30
Transportation around Hat Yai
THB 186
Bus from Hat Yai to Krabi
THB 60
Transportation around Krabi
THB 800
Scooter rental & gas
THB 1,100
Koh Phi Phi tour package (by speedboat)
THB 350
Minivan from Ao Nang to Phuket
THB 650
Entrance ticket - Simon Cabaret
THB 1,100
Entrance ticket – Siam Niramit
THB 30
Transportation around Phuket
THB 270
Bus from Phuket to Hat Yai

THB 450
In & Out Cost
THB 450
Bus from Hat Yai to Kuala Lumpur

THB 820
THB 820
Food, drink & miscellaneous

THB 7,136

How much did it cost me?

  • In local currency: THB 7,136
  • Conversion rate (at the time): MYR 1 = THB 10
  • After conversion: MYR 714 (for 7 days)


  1. may i ask if the price for transport is per person or per vehicle? for example 1100 baht for speedboat from krabi to phi phi? and also scooter 250 baht.

    and also when did you go to this trip?

    1. Hi SkyHermit, the price is per person. I went in April last year. :)

  2. Hi SkyHermit,
    Do one need to have International Driving license to ride a rented bike in Krabi?
    Will 4D3N be too long to spend in Krabi?

    1. Hi,

      IDLs are not needed if you want to rent, however it's always useful to have one in case you get into unforeseen circumstances. I always have one on me just in case.

      There's an ever-growing list of things to see and do in Krabi, 4D3N is not too long if you ask me.

  3. No need IDL for Malaysian who want to drive in Thailand.

  4. Thanks for the write up, its quite informative for my upcoming trip to Krabi


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