Banaue & Sagada Itinerary (4 days)

This itinerary will cover Banaue & Sagada, Northern Luzon over 4 days, and is the third part of my Philippines backpacking trip. To see my previous itineraries, please check out my 6 day itinerary for El Nido, Palawan and 4 day itinerary for Coron, Palawan, or fast forward to my next itinerary, 3 day itinerary for Manila

Trip Summary

  • Trip length and when did I go? 4 days in November 2016
  • Places visited: Banaue, Sagada, Manila (transit), Baguio (on return trip)
  • How much did it cost me? MYR 490

At A Glance

  • Day 1 - Manila to Banaue. Arrival in Manila. Did some sightseeing and shopping at SM Mall of Asia and Baclaran Market to pass the day. At the end of the day, I took an overnight bus to Banaue
  • Day 2 - Banaue to Sagada. Arrival in Banaue. Did a half day tour of Batad & Banaue rice terrace. After the tour, I took a shuttle van to Bontoc, and then a jeepney from Bontoc to Sagada. Check-in at Isabelo's Inn upon arrival in Sagada. Overnight in Sagada.
  • Day 3 - Sagada. Did a half day trip to Bomod-Ok falls in the morning. In the afternoon, I did a short tour of the hanging coffins. Also visited other places in Sagada such as the Lumiang Burial Cave and Kapay-Aw rice terraces. Overnight in Sagada.
  • Day 4 Sagada to Baguio to Manila. Sunrise viewing at Kiltepan viewpoint. Check-out from the guesthouse and took a bus to Baguio, and from there, another bus to Manila

Itinerary Map (click to view POIs and routes)

Travel Montage

Arrival & Transit in Manila
  • 8.30 am - Arrival at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 4, Manila by flight (Cebu Pacific Air) from Coron, Palawan
  • 9.30 am - Rode airport loop bus from NAIA Terminal 4 to Terminal 3 - 20 peso
  • 9.45 am - Hopped off at NAIA Terminal 3
  • Freshen up at the terminal building, and went to an ATM to withdraw some money
  • Wanted to drop off my backpack at the luggage storage, but the fees were exorbitant! (300 pesos to store one small bag for 24 hours)
  • The bus (Ohayami Trans) to Banaue only departs later in the evening and since I had a full day to spare, I decided to do a bit of sightseeing around Manila

Touchdown at Terminal 4, Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), Manila
Taking the airport loop bus to Terminal 3, NAIA

SM Mall of Asia
  • 10.30 am - Rode airport loop bus from NAIA Terminal 3 to EDSA/Taft Avenue station - 20 peso
  • 11.00 am - Hopped off at the bus terminal near EDSA/Taft Avenue station. To find jeepneys going to SM Mall of Asia, you need to get to the other side of the main road using the pedestrian bridge leading into Metropoint Mall and EDSA/Taft Avenue station. There are plenty of jeepneys going to SM Mall of Asia just outside this mall
  • 11.15 am - Rode a jeepney (with letters 'SM MOA') from EDSA/Taft Avenue station to SM Mall of Asia - 7 peso
  • 11.30 am - Hopped off at SM Mall of Asia
  • 11.35 am - 3.25 pm - Did some sightseeing and shopping at SM Mall of Asia
  • Lunch at SM Mall of Asia - Burger King (99 peso) & Halo halo (65 peso)

Taking the airport loop bus from NAIA Terminal 3 to EDSA/Taft Avenue station, as I was keen on exploring Manila with the almost full day that I had at my disposal
The bus terminal near EDSA/Taft Avenue station where you can get off or on buses from or to the airport
At EDSA/Taft Avenue station. The green building in the distance is the Metropoint Mall, where you can find jeepneys to take you to SM Mall of Asia
Crossing the pedestrian bridge to get to EDSA/Taft Avenue station
Giant globe in front of SM Mall of Asia
The facade of SM Mall of Asia
Inside SM Mall of Asia. The mall is pretty vast, living up to its name as one of the world's biggest malls
Wandering around the outdoor spaces surrounding SM Mall of Asia

Baclaran Market
  • 3.30 pm - Rode a passing jeepney (with letters 'EDSA') from SM Mall of Asia back to EDSA/Taft Avenue station - 7 peso
  • 3.45 pm - Hopped off at EDSA/Taft Avenue station
  • Walked to Baclaran market nearby EDSA/Taft Avenue station (under 5 minutes)
  • 4.00 pm - 6.30 pm - Sightseeing around Baclaran market. A treasure trove for bargain hunters, I highly recommend coming here if souvenir hunting is your thing. It's pretty huge and may take a few hours to see it in its entirety

Baclaran Market is everything you'd expect. Noisy, colorful and bargains, bargains everywhere
I could spend hours here if I was a shopaholic. Even if you're not one, it's still worth coming here just for the experience alone. Locals from all walks of life converge here and seeing them go about their day to day makes for one unique experience

Baclaran to Sampaloc
  • 6.35 pm - Back in EDSA/Taft Avenue station. To catch the bus (Ohayami Trans) to Banaue, I needed to get to Sampaloc, where the bus office is located
  • 6.45 pm - Rode MRT (Line 3) from Taft Avenue station to Cubao station - 24 peso
  • 7.15 pm - Hopped off at Cubao station
  • Walked to the nearby Araneta Center mall (under 5 minutes). Did a bit of sightseeing around the area and had a light snack at a Mister Donut kiosk - Some donuts & a soft drink (62 peso)
  • 8.15 pm - Rode LRT (Line 2) from Cubao station to Legarda station - 20 peso
  • 8.30 pm - Hopped off at Legarda station. Had dinner in Sampaloc - Jollibee (115 peso)
  • There's a shorter and slightly cheaper alternative to get to Sampaloc, by taking LRT (Line 1) from EDSA station to Doroteo Jose station. From here, it's a short walk to Recto station, where you can take LRT (Line 2) to Legarda, just a station away. Only reason why I took the longer route was because I wanted to explore the Cubao area in Manila

Taking the MRT (Line 3) from Taft Avenue station to Cubao
Taking the LRT or MRT in Manila can range from okay to mildly unpleasant, nonetheless it's still one of the most affordable ways of getting around Manila
Night time in Cubao
Christmas lights outside Araneta Center mall, Cubao
Inside Araneta Center mall, Cubao
Waiting for the LRT (Line 2) train to Legarda 

Manila to Banaue
  • 9.00 pm - Walked from Legarda station to Ohayami Trans office (under 10 minutes)
  • While it's very possible to simply show up at the office and purchase your tickets on the spot, I highly advise booking your seats beforehand as Manila-Banaue is a very popular route, and buses can get fully booked during the busy season
  • 10.00 pm - Board the 10pm bus (Ohayami Trans) bound for Banaue - 510 peso

Waiting to board my bus to Banaue
Arrival in Banaue
  • 6.30 am - Arrive in Banaue (dropped off at the Ohayami bus terminal, just outside of Banaue town)
  • There's an environmental fee you need to pay prior to entering Banaue - 20 peso
  • Some locals there asked me if I wanted to do a tour of Banaue or Batad, and is willing to offer me a free ride to town if I did. Didn't think too much about it and took up their offer since I was planning to spend only half a day here in Banaue. Initially, I wanted to spend a night in Batad, but that plan had to be shelved unfortunately due to that flight delay a day earlier
  • 6.35 am - Rode a jeepney (free of charge) from the bus terminal to Banaue town (under 5 minutes)
  • 6.40 am - Arrive at Banaue town centre (dropped off at Halfway Lodge). Had breakfast at the guesthouse - Eggs, toast & coffee (98 peso). The view from the balcony was pretty amazing
  • At the same time, I signed up for a Batad half day tour (inclusive of jeepney transfer & guide) at the guesthouse's tour desk - 1,000 peso (this price is per person, and I shared the jeepney with two other people)
  • Quite expensive considering you can get the same tour from the tourism office for a slightly cheaper price, but I took it anyways since I could only spend half a day here, plus they offered to help organize my onward transfer to Sagada later that afternoon
  • Doing a half day tour of Batad and travelling to Sagada on the same day is doable but tight. For this plan to work, it's important that you return to Banaue before 2pm. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, the last shuttle van to Bontoc usually leaves Banaue by 2pm. And secondly, take note that the journey to Bontoc takes roughly 1.5 to 2 hours. With this in mind, you have to leave Banaue latest by 2pm to reach Bontoc by 4.30pm, in order to catch the last public jeepney to Sagada
  • I still recommend staying overnight in Batad, so you can DIY the tour easily and cheaply. From Banaue, there are public jeepneys that leave for Batad at 8.30am and 3pm, and costs 150 peso each way. To return to Banaue, there is only one jeepney at 9am. I recommend staying at the Hillside Inn in Batad, where you can get rooms for as low as 250 peso a night

Arrival in Banaue the next morning
Breakfast with a view at Halfway Lodge, Banaue
Arranging my day trip with this tour desk in Halfway Lodge, Banaue
Sunrise peeks out from the clouds, shining light down on Banaue
Gorgeous views of Banaue from the balcony of this guesthouse

Batad Rice Terraces
  • 7.45 am - Pickup by chartered jeepney to Batad
  • 8.20 am - Arrive in Batad (dropped off at Batad Saddle, which is still some ways from the village)
  • Trekked from the Saddle to Batad village (under 30 minutes). Very easy trek, it's all downhill from the Saddle
  • 8.50 am - Arrive at Batad village. Stopped for a short break and left my backpack at Hillside Inn. There's a heritage fee you need to pay prior to entering the village - 50 peso
  • 9.00 am - 11.30 am - Sightseeing around Batad rice terraces. Went during low season, therefore the rice terraces and weather weren't at their best, but is still very beautiful nonetheless. Visited the following points of interest around Batad:
  • Highest Viewpoint. A little hut located on the upper rice terraces that requires about 30 minutes of trekking (not very difficult) to get to. The views alone are worth the trek
  • Tappiya Falls. Only able to glimpse the waterfall from afar unfortunately. I wasn't able to do this trek, as a landslide had blocked the trail to the waterfall. The trek down to the waterfalls usually takes about an hour and can be quite strenuous
  • 12.00 pm - Back at Hillside Inn. Had lunch at the guesthouse - Tuna & egg with rice (100 peso)
  • 12.30 pm - Trekked from Batad village back to the Saddle (under 30 minutes, slightly difficult as it's an uphill trek)
  • 1.00 pm - Back in Batad Saddle. Rode chartered jeepney back to Banaue

Dropped off at Batad Saddle after almost an hour of navigating the winding roads through the Cordillera mountains
Trekking down the trail to Batad Village
Batad Rice Terraces coming into view after a short trek from the Saddle
Weather at the time of my visit wasn't the best, however the ever-shifting clouds made for some interesting timelapses
Just chilling at the Batad Hillside Inn
Trekking to the Highest Viewpoint. Very easy, fairly flat incline most of the way with a few climbs
Navigating the terraces on the way to the Highest Viewpoint. Noticed anything different about Batad's rice terraces? It's stone-walled, and this is unique compared to other rice terraces in the area, which are earthen-walled 
Arriving at the Highest Viewpoint
Gorgeous views of the Batad Rice Terraces from the Highest Viewpoint
Seeking shelter from the rain inside the hut
The trail after the Highest Viewpoint continues on to Cambulo

Banaue Rice Terraces & Banaue to Bontoc
  • 1.35 pm - Back in Banaue (dropped off at Halfway Lodge)
  • 1.40 pm - Rode a shuttle van bound for Bontoc (arranged by the guide) - 150 peso
  • The last van to Bontoc usually leaves by 2pm, with a small possibility that there will be vans going to Bontoc until 4pm. This however, is largely dependent on whether there are enough passengers around, as they only leave when full. Keep in mind that your options of getting to Bontoc will be quite limited if you somehow managed to miss the last van. You may end up having to spend a night in Banaue or paying for a very expensive taxi to get you to Bontoc
  • 1.50 pm - 2.15 pm - Photo stop at Banaue rice terraces viewpoint. Wasn't asked to pay any entrance fees. Turned out to be more touristy than I thought and the rice terraces were a bit rundown, much to my disappointment. Still, seeing these millennia old rice terraces (as immortalized in the 20 peso banknote) is something you need to do at least once in your life
  • 2.20 pm - Continued on to Bontoc

Back in Banaue, and on the next shuttle van to Bontoc
The shuttle van to Bontoc made a short stop at Banaue Rice Terraces viewpoint on the way. It was disappointingly touristy, with souvenir shops and touts abound
The Banaue Rice Terraces is a sight not to be missed despite its shortcomings

Bontoc to Sagada
  • 4.00 pm - Arrive in Bontoc (dropped off near the Bontoc jeepney terminal). If you're dropped off at the main road before the bridge, you can take a trike to the jeepney terminal for 7 peso only. Sadly, I was not able to spend much time here as I was in hurry to find a jeepney that will take me to Sagada
  • Take note that the last jeepney to Sagada leaves by 4.30pm. If you missed the jeepney, your options of getting to Sagada will be severely limited, and you may be forced to spend a night in Bontoc. Taking a trike to Sagada is an option, however there are not many who would be willing to ferry passengers to Sagada after dark 
  • 4.20 pm - Rode a public jeepney from Bontoc to Sagada - 45 peso

Only got to spend a brief moment in Bontoc, before my departure to Sagada

Arrival in Sagada
  • 5.20 pm - Arrive in Sagada (dropped off near the Sagada Town Hall)
  • Walked to my accommodation in Sagada, located just next to the town hall and opposite the Sagada Tourism Office
  • Check-in to Isabelo's Inn - 400 peso per night for a single room with breakfast. Stayed for 2 nights (total cost - 800 peso). It's hard to find anything to complain about this place, one big plus is that it's located within walking distance to everything in town. The room I got, although basic, was much larger than what was pictured and the breakfast was pretty good. The owner was very welcoming and helpful, and did his best to make me feel at home
  • Had dinner at Yoghurt House - Bolognese (180 peso) & soft drink (20 peso)
  • 9.00 pm - Wandered around Sagada before returning to the guesthouse. There's a bit of nightlife around Sagada, but not enough to keep you entertained until late at night

The jeepney I took from Bontoc dropped me off here, in front of the Sagada Town Hall
The main street in Sagada that runs from the Sagada Town Hall all the way to Sumaging cave in the south
Isabelo's Inn, where I stayed in Sagada for the next few days
The room I got in Isabelo's Inn was surprisingly roomier than expected
Yoghurt House, one of Sagada's more popular restaurants

  • 7.00 am - Wake up
  • Breakfast at the guesthouse - Eggs, toast & coffee (included in the room rate)
  • 8.30 am - Walked to the Sagada Tourism Office, opposite the road from the guesthouse I stayed at
  • There's a mandatory environmental fee to pay prior to signing up for tours in Sagada - 35 peso. Keep the receipt with you at all times as there are checkpoints at several tourist spots around Sagada. That being said, this fee is avoidable if you're not planning on going cave spelunking, or visiting any of the waterfalls or hanging coffins
  • Booked my transfer to Bomod-Ok falls from the tourism office - 650 peso (two way). Couldn't find anyone to share the cost with me, so I had to pay it on my own unfortunately
  • Alternatively, it's possible to get to Bomod-Ok falls on your own. To do this, you can ride a public jeepney to Bangaan (the village where the trail to Bomod-Ok falls is located) for 20 peso. There's only one jeepney that goes to Bangaan each morning by 7am. Keep in mind that doing it this way (eventhough it's a lot cheaper than chartering your own transport) will be quite time constraining, as the last jeepney back to Sagada leaves by 1pm

Early morning at Sagada Tourism Office
The tour desk inside the tourism office, where you can book tours or transfers in Sagada. Everything except the caves is perfectly doable on your own, but hiring a guide is a must for a lot of things in Sagada

Bomod-Ok Falls
  • 8.40 am - Pickup by chartered jeepney to Bomod-Ok falls
  • 8.50 am - Arrive at Bangaan (dropped off near the trail to Bomod-Ok falls). There's a checkpoint near the trail, you need to show them your environmental fee receipt to be allowed entry
  • While going on the trail to Bomod-Ok falls is quite straightforward and easy to do on your own, hiring a guide to the falls is mandatory unfortunately
  • Hired a guide for Bomod-Ok falls at the checkpoint -  500 peso (shared the cost with 4 other people, so I only paid 100 peso). There's also a community fee that needs to be paid prior to entry - 10 peso
  • 9.00 am - Trekked from Bangaan to Bomod-Ok falls. Pretty easy to do as it's all downhill along a well-maintainted path to the falls, passing by scenic rice terraces and stopping at a local village along the way. The guide claimed that it takes 8,000 steps to get to the falls. Didn't bother counting though I doubt it was that many
  • 10.30 am - Arrive at Bomod-Ok falls
  • 10.35 am - 11.25 am - Leisure time at Bomod-Ok falls
  • 11.30 am - Trekked back to Bangaan using a different path, passing by the beautiful Aguid rice terraces along the way

Arriving in Bangaan to start off my trek to Bomod-Ok falls
Before you can start the trek to Bomod-Ok falls, you need to report to this checkpoint and hire a guide first. Thankfully, there were people there with whom I can share the cost of a guide with
Just a few minutes in to the trek, and the views are already amazing
The trek to Bomod-Ok falls is all downhill via a well-maintained path
From up here, you can see an overview of what's to come. The local village in the distance is the midpoint, and from there, it's either downwards to the Bomod-Ok falls or upwards towards the Aguid rice terraces
Spending some time at the local village along the way. Our guide explained the reason for the community fee was to be granted right of passage through the village, and also to sustain the local community living here
Enroute, this beautiful valley extends all the way to Kiltepan
The final stretch before reaching the falls
The bathing and picnic area along a river that stems from the Bomod-Ok falls
One on one with the majestic Bomod-Ok falls
After our leisure time at Bomod-Ok falls, we continued on to Aguid rice terraces
Wow was all I can say at that moment
Tiny village houses dotting the landscape

Back in Sagada
  • 1.00 pm - Back in Bangaan. Pickup by chartered jeepney back to Sagada
  • 1.20 pm - Back in Sagada (dropped off at my guesthouse)
  • Light lunch at Yoghurt House - Katrina's banana toast (80 peso) & Sagada honey yoghurt (100 peso)

Hanging Coffins of Sagada & Echo Valley
  • 2.00 pm - Walked to the Sagada Tourism Office to sign up for a tour of the hanging coffins. The tour takes only an hour, but keep in mind that the hanging coffins closes at 4.30pm
  • Seeing the hanging coffins on your own is not possible, as hiring a guide is mandatory
  • Hired a guide at the tourism office for a tour of the hanging coffins - 200 peso
  • 2.10 pm - Started tour of the hanging coffins. Both the hanging coffins and Echo Valley are located in the same area, only a short walk (under 10 minutes) away from the the Sagada town hall, past the Church of St. Mary the Virgin. There's a checkpoint just before the cemetery and the hanging coffins, so be sure to have your environmental fee receipt ready
  • Everything at the hanging coffins and Echo Valley can be seen in less than half an hour, however do take the time to appreciate the views of Sagada from up here
  • 3.00 pm - Concluded tour of the hanging coffins and back to the Sagada Tourism Office (under 10 minutes)

Admiring the manicured lawn outside the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Sagada
Inside the church. This can be skipped as it's not really that interesting
The cemetery behind the church
Echo Valley comes into view after climbing up and down some stairs from the cemetery
Hanging coffins of Sagada. Yup, that's all of it

In & Around Sagada
  • The tourism office usually closes at 5pm, hence I booked my transfer to Kiltepan viewpoint for sunrise the next day - 500 peso (shared the cost with 2 other people, so I only had to pay 167 peso). Wasn't too keen to do any of the cave tours, so I decided to explore Sagada on foot
  • 3.30 pm - 5.30 pm - Sightseeing around Sagada on foot, visiting the following points of interest along the way:
  • Lumiang Burial Cave. Located just under 2km from Sagada, on the way to Sumaging cave. Finding Lumiang isn't that hard, as you can practically see it from the road on the way. There's a sign on the roadside that will point the way (it will be on your left if you're coming from Sagada). The burial cavern is just outside this cave, and can be seen without a guide if you come later in the afternoon. It's necessary to hire a guide before proceeding further inside Lumiang cave, which connects to Sumaging cave on the other side
  • Kapay-Aw Rice Terraces. A small rice terrace that can be seen just a bit further down the road from Lumiang cave. Very picturesque during sunsets, and is a good alternative to Lake Danum
  •  5.40 pm - Back to Sagada (under 30 minutes)
  • Dinner at Vincent's Coffee Shop - Barbecue chicken & fries (180 peso)
  • 9.00 pm - Wandered around Sagada for a bit before returning to the guesthouse

Admiring these quaint cottages while exploring Sagada on foot
These rock formations in the distance are part of Lumiang Burial Cave
This signboard points the way to Lumiang Burial Cave. From the road, it's still some 10 minutes of walking down some steps before you reach the entrance and burial caverns 
Gorgeous sunset seen at Kapay-Aw rice terraces
Having dinner at Vincent's Coffee Shop 

Kiltepan Viewpoint
  • 4.00 am - Wake up
  • 4.30 am - Pickup by chartered jeepney from my guesthouse to Kiltepan viewpoint (under 15 minutes)
  • 4.45 am - Arrive in Kiltepan viewpoint. Wasn't asked to pay any entrance fees
  • 5.00 am - 6.30 am - Sunrise viewing from Kiltepan viewpoint
  • 6.45 am - Pickup by chartered jeepney from Kiltepan back to Sagada

Arriving in Kiltepan viewpoint, just before sunrise. If you haven't had your breakfast yet, there are a couple of food stalls set up in the area
Almost sunrise. On occasion, you will also be able to witness a sea of clouds if you're lucky
The moment we've been waiting for, behold the sunrise!
Sun rays illuminating the beautiful Kiltepan rice terraces

Sagada to Baguio
  • 7.00 am - Back in Sagada (dropped off at my guesthouse)
  • Breakfast at the guesthouse - Eggs, toast & coffee (included in the room rate)
  • 7.30 am - Pack up and check-out from the guesthouse. Walked to the bus stop in front of the Sagada Town Hall
  • 8.00 am - Board the 8am local bus (GL Trans) bound for Baguio - 220 peso
  • For the GL Trans buses going to Baguio, there's no need to book in advance. Just get on when the bus shows up at the bus stop. The earliest bus to Baguio is at 5am, and leaves every hour thereafter until the last one at 1pm
  • The journey to Baguio takes roughly 5-6 hours, though it's really hard to fall asleep on the bus as the scenery on the way is incredible (try to get left seats for the best views!)

Took the GL Trans bus from Sagada to Baguio
As a tip, try to get seats on the left for the best views on the journey from Sagada to Baguio
The bus journey to Baguio takes about 5-6 hours, but you will never get bored when your senses are being bombarded with scenery such as these
Some rice terraces seen on the bus ride to Baguio

Arrival in Baguio
  • 2.00 pm - Arrive in Baguio (dropped off at Dangwa bus terminal near Baguio Center mall)
  • 2.05 pm - Walked from Dangwa bus terminal to SM Mall Baguio (under 15 minutes). One thing about Baguio that intrigued me so much were the 'favelas' that can be seen in various parts of the city. Made me regret a little that I didn't get to spend more time in Baguio, as there was a lot more to see here than I originally thought
  • 2.20 pm - 3.10 pm - Did a bit of sightseeing and shopping in and around SM Mall Baguio. 

Arriving in Dangwa bus terminal, in Baguio
A row of colorful jeepneys seen on my walk around Baguio
Another part of Baguio
Checking out SM Mall Baguio
Street performances drawing in the crowds at a city square in Baguio
One thing that really caught my eye are the favelas you can see in various parts of the city. It's just unfortunate that I didn't have more time to explore more of Baguio

Baguio to Manila
  • 3.15 pm - Walked from SM Mall Baguio to Victory Liner Bus Terminal (under 10 minutes)
  • Booked my ticket for the 3.40pm bus (Victory Liner) heading to Manila - 460 peso
  • 3.40 pm - Board 3.40pm bus bound for Manila

Victory Liner Bus Terminal in Baguio, just a short walk away from SM Mall Baguio
Inside the Victory Liner Bus Terminal
Quite funnily, in the Philippines, queue management is done in a very rudimentary manner, a staff will just direct one person to a counter, and the next person will take their seat, it's kinda like playing musical chairs
Getting ready to board my bus to Manila

How much?
What for?
PHP 800
PHP 800
Accommodation in Sagada (2 nights)

PHP 2,427
Ground Cost
PHP 20
Environmental fee - Banaue
PHP 1,000
Batad half day tour
PHP 50
Heritage fee - Batad
PHP 150
Shuttle van from Banaue to Bontoc
PHP 45
Jeepney from Bontoc to Sagada
PHP 35
Environmental fee - Sagada
PHP 650
Return transfer for Bomod-Ok falls
PHP 100
Guide fee for Bomod-Ok falls
PHP 10
Community fee - Bomod-Ok falls
PHP 200
Guide fee for Hanging Coffins
PHP 167
Return transfer for Kiltepan viewpoint

PHP 1,288
In & Out Cost
PHP 98
Transportation around Manila
PHP 510
Bus from Manila to Banaue (Ohayami)
PHP 220
Bus from Sagada to Baguio (GL Trans)
PHP 460
Bus from Baguio to Manila (Victory Liner)

PHP 1,099
PHP 1,099
Food & drinks

PHP 5,614

How much did it cost me?

  • In local currency: PHP 5,614
  • Conversion rate (at the time): MYR 1 = PHP 11.50
  • After conversion: MYR 488 (for 4 days)

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